Custom Remixes and Mashups

Simon is technically skilled in producing his own mixes of songs and mashups. He makes many of these for his own use, but some of these have been created at a client's request. A selection of our mixes are shown below.

Whilst we don't mind people listening to these for their own pleasure, if you intend to use these in a commercial environment (such as on your own radio show, disco, etc.) then please contact us for permission.

Picture of the sound editing in progress

Fastlove is a Dancer - George Michael vs Snap

A random track I created whilst testing out new equipment. Not necessarily the most polished, but one of my most fun tracks to make.

S & M Low - Rihanna vs Flo Rida feat. T-Pain

I've been working on this a while, I can't really remember where the inspiration came from, but it was fun to do.

Remember The Finesse - Michael Jackson vs Bruno Mars

When I first heard Finesse by Bruno Mars, I couldn't believe the similarities to Remember The Time by Michael Jackson, so I put this together.

Ghostbusters (2016) Remix

Inspired by the instrumental version that was used on a fruit machine. I dropped samples from the film and the original lyrics over a newly created version of the backing music.

You Know You Want The Bomb! - Pitbull vs The Bucketheads

A request I saw on the internet led to this fun mashup.

Gangnam Style - PSY (The Night Flight Gangnam Short Remix)

Recently a client asked for Gangnam Style, but just the bits people dance to, so I mixed this live on the night.

Uptown Dinosaur - Was Not Was vs Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars

The first time I heard Uptown Funk, I knew exactly what I had to do with it and Walk the Dinosaur.

Reach Up Bom Bom (Pigbag) - Sam & The Womp vs Perfecto Allstarz

Whilst listening to my MP3 player, these two songs came on one after the other. This inspired a melding of the 2 brass solos into a single track.

All Summer Long - Kid Rock (The Night Flight Retro Mix)

What could be better than dropping Sweet Home Alabama back into this track?

Hot In Here so Shut Up and Take Me Out - Nelly vs Franz Ferdinand vs The Ting Tings

I had heard both "Hot In Here" and "Take Me Out" mashed up with "Shut Up and Let Me Go" separately and thought that I could do a better job if I did something similar with both songs.

I Can't Go For Sunrise - Hall & Oates vs Simply Red

Similar to the Kid Rock track above, I wanted to mix an original and a track that used extensive samples of it together

Somebody That Used To Be Dire - Gotye vs Dire Straits

Sultans of Swing meets that one hit wonder from Gotye.

Underneath Your Eternal Flame - Shakira vs The Bangles

I love both of these tracks, and they are so similar I couldn't resist.

We Will Jump Your Rock Around - House of Pain vs Queen

I did this once live, and it went down so well that I spent time recording it properly and now play it regularly.

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